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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to live at Girlie’s Manor?

  • Our rate is $3300 for our basic level of care. As more care is needed, the rate will increase. Our maximum rate is $4500.

What constitutes a rate increase?

  • A couple of things determine if a rate increase is justified. How much assistance is needed, how much direction is required and health diagnosis.

How do I pay for living at Girlie’s Manor?

  • There are four main options to pay for your stay at Girlie’s Manor and other options may be available.
    • Private pay
    • Long term care insurance
    • Community Options Program (COP)
    • Care Wisconsin

Does Girlie’s Manor offer Hospice services?

  • If end of life comes for you loved one, aging in place is a firm belief held at Girlie’s Manor. For many years, we have teamed with HospiceCare to provide quality end of life services. Each resident’s situation will be evaluated for the appropriateness.

Is there a waiting list?

  • At times, there may be a waiting list with openings coming about quite quickly. There is no set time that someone will be on a waiting list; however, we keep in touch with families on the list to get their loved one placed.

Can I keep my doctor?

  • Yes, we work with ALL clinics and hospitals.

Is transportation provided for doctors appointments?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot provide transportation for appointments. However, we can assist with arranging transportation at the resident’s expense.

What are visiting hours?

  • Girlie’s Manor does not have set visiting hours. We expect family and friends to use common sense in regards to what is appropriate for their loved one.

How is medication handled? Can I give myself over the counter medications?

  • Our staff has been trained in medication management to dispense medication. If a resident wants to self medicate, they must demonstrate their ability to do so. Typically, over the counter medication cannot be left to the resident to use freely, unless specifically ordered by your practitioner.

Are cable, phone and internet provided?

  • Both cable and internet is provided by Girlie’s Manor. Phone service is at the residents’ expense.

What if I follow a special diet due to health or cultural reasons?

  • Girlie’s Manor will honor the wishes of the resident and practitioner within reason to what we can manage.

Can I get my hair done?

  • We have a licensed beautician that comes to do hair. She offers permanents, color, hair shampoo and sets. She is a private contractor and sets her own prices. Family and residents work directly with her.

I’m a diabetic. Do you have someone to provide nail care or do I need to see my doctor?

  • As for any resident, they can keep their own practitioner for services they want. However, we also have a nurse consultant that comes monthly to provide these services. Depending on need, we may ask resident to see a specialist.

Should I have renter’s insurance?

  • You can keep renters insurance to protect items in your own room from loss.

Can I keep my Pharmacy?

  • Girlie’s Manor contracts with a pharmacy that specializes in packing of medication for assisted living facilities. Residents can keep their own pharmacy if they follow state-mandated regulations for assisted living.

Can I bring my own furnishings?

  • Girlie’s Manor is your home. We encourage you to bring your own furnishings and items to hang on the walls. We trust common sense will be used when decorating as to not create trip hazards, clutter or over stimulation. Sometimes less is best.

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